Download Video: The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 (S04E1) – The Flash Reborn

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So what does CW have in stock for us in this episode of The Flash? Here we go…

When The Flash season 4 begins, the titular hero will actually be out commission, still stuck in the Speed Force prison he entered after defeating the evil Savitar at the end of season 3. Fans who have watched the show know that the Speed Force is an entire reality unto itself – one where the rules of time and space are very different.

Months will have passed in our reality between when Barry Allen sacrificed himself to the Speed Force in season 3, and where season 4 picks up. That leaves a big looming question as to how time is passing, comparatively, for Barry within the Speed Force – and how that new relatively changes the The Flash, both physically (new powers?) and mentally.

So… How Much Time Passes For Barry In The Speed Force when The Flash season 4 begins?

Download Video: The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 (S04E1) – The Flash Reborn

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