Download Video: Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 (S06E16) – The Thanatos Guild

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Laurel appears at City Hall, revealing her story about how she was kidnapped and held against her will. Oliver and Thea find out that Ricardo is keeping a hostage, which is revealed to be former Team Arrow member Roy Harper, prompting Thea to once again assume the mantel of Speedy to try and rescue Roy. Dinah, upon hearing of the situation, says she is willing to help out this once, but Oliver refuses, saying if she does not trust him, he does not trust her. Oliver and John eventually take on Ricardo and his minions, who escape, but they do manage to rescue Roy. Oliver goes to see Laurel, who claims she cannot change who she is, but she will try to be good, if Oliver gives her the space to do so, which Oliver agrees to. But when he leaves, Black Siren receives a message from Diaz and smiles, implying that she works with him. Roy and Thea spend an evening together, where they are observed by a woman who reports that the heir to the Demon’s Head is ready

Download Video: Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 (S06E16) – The Thanatos Guild Here

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